Estate was tended

Estate was tended

We were asked to create an identity to match the business – clean and long lasting and what we came up with went down a treat. An extremely clean, uncluttered design with just the essentials, we are in the process of populating the site with additional information but it is already doing its job of attracting new business.

Part of the remit was to create a new company logo that could be used for any and all branding, created as a vector image it can be sized for both web and print, perfectly rendered every time. We have since used the new logo on business cards, letterheads, brochures, proposals, pull up banners and other exhibition furniture

Soon to be added to the website is an all new enquiry page that will incorporate a reactive questionnaire providing enough information to assist people in ascertaining whether or not they have enough resources to generate power on their property.

The site also fully responsive and mobile ready.

  • Client: AHP
  • Service: Branding, Website